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12Jul, 2020

Cyber Security Audit

We have the resources to perform a full security audit to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization and what issues are driving that noncompliance to establish an effective security program. Our security audits can also play an important role in internal investigations when anomalies are discovered or wrongdoing is suspected. You […]

12Jul, 2020

Security Risk Management

Risk management involves understanding, analyzing and addressing risk to make sure organizations achieve their objectives. So it must be proportionate to the complexity and type of organization involved. Risk Management is an integrated and joined up approach to managing risk across an organization and its extended networks. Because risk is inherent in everything we do, […]

12Jul, 2020

Information Security

The purpose of a hospital information system (HIS) is to manage the information that health Following are the Healthcare Management Solutions provided by us: Antivirus For Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing Security Awareness Training

12Jul, 2020

Antivirus For Enterprise

A system without an antivirus is just like a house with an open door. An open and unprotected door will attract all the intruders and burglars into your home. Similarly, an unprotected computer will end up inviting all the viruses to the system. An antivirus will act as a closed door with a security guard […]

12Jul, 2020

Data Loss Prevention

Discover all kind of sensitive data residing at various places within the organization that can possibly leads to its compromise. Based on predefined policies activate in defend to lockdown specific channels or activities in case of any sensitive data exfiltration is detected mitigate the damage to organization, Receives email, SMS and Desktop notification on the […]

12Jul, 2020

Vulnerability Assessment

Why Use Vulnerability Assessment Services? To stay secure from hacking attacks, the every Enterprise need to have an ideal Vulnerability Audit strategy. The vast majority of successful attacks are on the most well known, serious, easily discovered and easily exploited vulnerabilities. Most attackers study up on a specific vulnerability then search broadly for any network […]

Security Solutions

1. Security Risk Management 2. Cyber Security Audit 3. Information Security a. Antivirus b. Data Loss Prevention c. Vulnerability Assessment d. Penetration Testing e. Security Awareness Training 4. Infrastructure Complaince a. Firewall b. ISMS AUDIT 5. Backup Solutions 6. Server Management

12Jul, 2020

Penetration Testing

Every organization has a variety of vulnerabilities through which a hacker could easily gain unauthorized access to its resources. With such a terrifying possibility there is no doubt that certain measures need to be taken to verify both new and existing applications for any of these vulnerabilities. Our Penetration Testing Services discover the vulnerabilities in […]

12Jul, 2020

Backup Solutions

What are Data Center Backup Solutions? Data center backup and recovery software is designed to provide business continuity and prevent critical data loss, even while data centers grow more complex. While backup solutions provide a disaster recovery solution, they may also be used for workload migration. Additionally, some data center backup solutions are designed to […]

12Jul, 2020

Security Awareness Training

STARTLAZAA PVT LTD. offers Cyber Security Training, Information Security Training Education & Awareness Training, and other cyber security courses. Our Employee Education & Awareness program including best security methods, reveal your organization people strength and weakness, before the hacker do, we provide a tailored Security Education & Awareness Training program to improvement your organization security […]