Hotels and Restaurant Management Solutions


Hospitality Industry has grown a lot in past few decades. The number of hotels and restaurants has increased a lot. So, management of restaurants, clubs and hotel has proved to be a challenge in the present situation. Hospital industry is now turning to Hotel & Restaurant Management Information System to overcome these problems.

We STARTLAZAA PVT LTD, an IT service company based in Pune, takes a pride to offer your organization an excellent ERP Services like Healthcare Management, School & College Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tours and Travel Management. Our Hotel & Restaurant Management Information System has been successful at our client’s hotels and restaurants.

Features of Our Hotel & Restaurant Management Information System:

  • This system allows you to create a sole profile for every customer through Smart Cards. This profile helps you to take care of customer’s likes and dislikes.
  • You can use the Smart Cards to trace the trustworthy customers and give them discounts as per their number of visits to the chain of hotels.
  • Customers profile helps us to know the interests and taste of the customers which is very useful for your advertising campaign. Our system helps you by sending huge amount of SMS to the customers with same interest.

On the expiry of existing Smart Card, our system offers the facility to recharge the existing Smart Card. This facility is called as top up facility.