Tours and Travelling Management Solution

tours and travels

STARTLAZAA PVT LTD is an IT company established in 2008 which offers tours and travelling solutions as per the client’s interest at the best. They have internal expertise to complete the projects in the given deadline.

Our Tours & Travel Management System is designed and developed for travelling agencies. We have developed this system for many of our clients. This system is normally used for dealing with different activities like companies booking hotel, house boats, package tours, booking of air tickets, passport processing, foreign exchange, vehicle management and so on.

Following are some features of Tours & Travel Management System:

  • Dealing with the walk-in and regular customer’s records.
  • Taxi Management
  • Tour Booking
  • Taxi provider Management
  • Booking tickets (airlways, roadways and railways) on cash and credit.
  • Drivers management
  • Keeping the track of customer’s invoice.
  • Managing the reports like daily sales, taxi list, taxi performance and bill wise report.

Our system is highly modular in nature. We are sure that our Tours and Travels Management System will make you feel personalized while working with it.