Inventory Management Information System

Inventory management system

Inventory Management Information System Pune, India

Inventory management system can be called as a database which is used for storing and administering every type of data needed for effective and correct warehouse inventory management. It may include fields or modules for tracking items, requisitions, locations, back orders, reorder points, needed levels of inventory, tracking of inventory errors etc.

STARTLAZAA PVT LTD, an IT company in Pune with customer centric approach provides affordable solutions for the organization seeking ERP solutions. At STARTLAZAA PVT LTD, our inventory management system offers complete control over all activities related to inventory. This includes a powerful functionality for our client’s organization which will help to make improvement in inventory accuracy and inventory turn rates.

Features of our Inventory Management Systems:

  • Useful for paperless warehouse management
  • Various inventory locations
  • Physical inventory counts
  • Flexible units of measures with automatic conversion
  • Total serial number tracking