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“A company without a website is like a house without a door”

A website is the face of your company. It is a tool that enables you to reach out to your target audience. It is an interactive medium and a platform for communication. It helps you to build relationships with your prospective customers as well as existing customers.Aspen Solutions – Web Development
Web Design and Web Development
Are you in search of a company who will give your website an eye-catching look? If yes, you are at the right place. STARTLAZAA, a company offering affordable IT services, can help you in building just the perfect website you wish to design for your company. As a global IT company, STARTLAZAA has been able to build many clients across the globe. We provide web designing and web development solutions to our clients according to their requirements.

Our technical team normally takes the following points into consideration while developing a website:
Make analysis of our clients business.
Understand the client’s requirements.
Create deliverables, timelines and development solutions.
Prepare the structure of your website.
Create and redefine interface and graphic design elements.
Test the website after completing your website.
Make changes if needed.

We believe that for creating dynamic web pages, you need to have thorough knowledge. Our professionals are the masters who are capable of designing and developing a dynamic website by making use of scripting languages. We have created attractive, traffic retaining, perfect and easy to navigate websites for our clients also. The user who visits our client’s website gets an excellent user experience.

At STARTLAZAA, we understand the value of our clients. We always try to provide our clients with rewarding solutions, so as to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. Our assurance to our clients is true, practical and realistic. Our objective always has been to develop an effective website for our clients.

What is in for you?
Catering to small companies and organisations to large ones, STARTLAZAA employs the latest in Web Standards and CSS Design to develop clean, custom designed informational websites that provide your potential clients with the “who, what, when, where and how” of your business. Our sites are quick loading and easy for your users to navigate, no matter what their skill level or their modem speed.
Our quality web design philosophy centers on the principle that a successful website must not only look good, but must also be compatible with today’s advanced search engines. After all there is no point in creating a beautiful website if your target market cannot find it.
We provide our clients with dynamic solutions to give their website the exposure necessary for success.

Our website development process
Each project requires a unique set of ideas and collective expertise. The following 8 step web development process guarantees that STARTLAZAA delivers the best results every time.

Discovery – Understanding your website goals and audience.
Planning – Establishing timelines, deliverable’s, and development solutions.
Content Architecture – Planning your website content and structure.
Design – Creating and refining interface and graphic design elements.
Development – Bringing it all together.
Testing – Testing your website in multiple environments.
Launch – Your website goes live.
Promotion – Letting the world know your site.


There are dozens of web design studios in our local area, and more around the world. Here are some reasons we stand out from the crowd:

We offer a fresh perspective on web design. Unlike many designers these days we do not use template-based designs for our work. Your vision and ideas are the inspiration for developing a completely original website, designed specifically for your particular needs.
Our efficient production process allow us to keep our prices reasonable, and our personalized service ensures that every client is completely satisfied.
We have developed an orderly system of estimating, contracting and carrying out the production of a website. You will know what to expect at every stage of the process.

All in all, STARTLAZAA will partner with you to accomplish the following with your website:

Provide a convenient means of informing people about what your business does.
Present a professional appearance to the public.
Attract new prospects to your business.
Sell directly to the public over the internet.
Show people that you are a “modern” business by having a website.
Establish a convenient means of distributing current information to your clients.