STARTLAZAA – Your Healthcare Tech Partner!

STARTLAZAA is the leading service provider in healthcare development during the period pandemic @COVID19. We provide end to services to the Hospitals, Labs, Clinics to ease their working & add value to it through instant & real time assistance to it’s patients during this tough time. We provide our offerings under:-

1. Hospital Management Software

2.Clinic Management Software

3.Pediatrician Management Information Software

4.Laboratory Management Software

5.Radiology Management Software

6.Electronic Medical Records System

7.Pharmacy Management System

8.Inventory Management System

9.Payroll Management System

From health consultancy to Booking an appointment with a doctor, We provide one stopsolutions to your healthcare needs. Health is the primary and concerns related to sorting meds,overdose /short dose, missing dose create health risks. There were no way caregivers, doctors,and relatives could have figure out their patients & adherence to medication.

As of 2019, approximately 95% of Americans have a mobile phone of some kind, and like anysector, healthcare has had to transform its processes to connect with people easily andefficiently.

Information and communication technology (ICT) link healthcare professionals – as well asprofessionals with patients. Email, smartphones, telemedicine, and telemonitoring systems areall used to share information and are especially useful for more rural areas and locations with alack of facilities and/or specialists. From diagnostics to management, counseling, education,and support, there’s seemingly no end to custom healthcare software development.

Our Solutions Provides:

●Chronic care management

●Medication management

●Medical reference


●Personal health records

●Women’s health

●Fitness and weight-loss

●Mental health

●Shorter patient waiting times

●Improved access in rural areas

●Improved efficiency, leading to savings

So if you are planning to go online to take care of patient then, Let us know once, Sothat we can provide you the best solutions at our end & can lead to save your money &efforts in adding value to it for your better patient health & care during this tough time &provide the comfortable & quick doorstep delivery of their healthcare needs.

You can reach out to us with the below link or Give us a call on +91-976-531-1999 number or drop us a mail @ & rest we will handle on your behalf to take this forward & give wings to your Healthcare idea into presenting on Digital platforms.

Be safe & take care of your loved ones!

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